One of my new Very Favorite Places in the Red Rock Country is Snow Canyon State Park in Washington County, Utah. It is an amazing world of lava flows and eroded sandstone formations with an accompanying realm of petrified sand dunes to hold it all together.

Looking out across the flows of rock, I spied an amazing interface where thinly piled layers of stone appeared to have been compressed and twisted by some unimaginable forces along a sinuous axis into layer upon layer of icing on a great lithic cake. I could only guess at the land that had existed for these formations to come to exist: a river of rock.

A focal length of 300mm, clearly medium telephotoland, gave me the narrowed angle-of-view, magnification and compression that I wanted to express here, with the line of layered rock winding through the landscape. An aperture of f/20 from the camera-to-subject distance provided depth-of-field; and a shutter speed of 1/20 second at ISO 200 gave me an overall medium exposure.

Utah has some amazingly beautiful state parks, I am always befuddled that the politicians of the state seem to want to privatize so much of the wonderful federal public lands with which they have been blessed for the sake of money. For this lack of forethought I have no explanation save power and greed. I can only hope that the good citizens of Utah will persuade them otherwise.