EarthSong Galleries

My life is a journey – every aspect, from creativity to spiritual growth. So it seems quite natural that I should love to travel as much as I do; and in rambling I have found great beauty to exist wherever I go. We have inherited a world of almost unimaginable loveliness in an infinite diversity of kind and degree. Yet it is also true that some places and some kinds have made for special connections that touch me more deeply. For each of us I believe it is the same, and the galleries of EarthSong reflect my understanding of this. They are both my on-going love affairs with each of these places, as well as the new ones I have come to embrace. At any given time, I hope they represent the state of my best work.

I hope you will visit them often. If an image in one of them inspires you, I have been successful. If it evokes in you an awareness and deeper appreciation of your own connection with the natural world, I have achieved my goal as a photographer and artist.

All of the images on my website are available for purchase as prints on archival photographic paper or canvas in 12 x 18, 14 x 21, 16 x 24, or 24 x 36 sizes. For a current price list, please contact me.