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Celebrating the beauty of the natural world informs the life of a nature photographer, and we are, indeed, surrounded by a world that is filled with the beautiful. In sharing that beauty, whether in the little moments and intimate places, or in the grand views, we remind ourselves of what is right and good as we explore each new path along our common journey.

Each week in this section I’ll post a new image from my own experience of the beauty that is our heritage; I’ll share a little story of the creation of the image; and I’ll invite anyone who wishes to post his/her thoughts. The current week’s image and the three most recent weeks’ images will remain active at any given time. Older images and comments will be archived on the site for you to view, reflect on, and enjoy.

Just so you won’t feel ambushed, let me say that your comment will first be passed through a “Comment Moderator” – in other words me. Unfortunately, in the first weeks of the “Image” as an open comment item, there began to be regularly posted spurious, spam comments completely unrelated to the image project. In order to prevent this I have had no choice but to institute a moderation feature. So when you post your comment, you will see a box explaining Send Emailthe moderator feature, and I will receive a note letting me know a comment has been posted. I will review the comment just to see that it is a real one; and I will immediately pass it on to the website. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this seems preferable to subjecting you to unwanted and irrelevant postings by those who have no interest in what we want to accomplish.

Walk in Beauty,


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