2019 One-Day Workshop Schedule

As the year progresses it is possible that I will add one or more one-day workshop events to the schedule. Be sure to check this page regularly to discover whether new one-day workshops have been posted. Also check the “Instruction & Art” tab and the “Coaching” section to set up your own individual or tandem one-day experience.

Registration: (828) 788-0687 or email Don McGowan

One-Day Workshops

Don IsabelleOne-day workshops are not only a lot of just plain fun; they are useful and lead to productive results on a variety of levels.

First, they get you out of the house and into a setting where you can directly experience nature’s beauty and the soul-enhancing impact that such an experience can have.

PatIn addition, they give you the opportunity to learn a broad range of new photographic skills in the field accompanied by a knowledgeable instructor whose primary objective is to assist you in the capture process from start to finish. After all, the best images begin with the best capture techniques.

Moreover, they give you a wonderful opportunity to add to your portfolio of good images through the only tested and proven method of becoming a better photographer: practice, practice, practice.

EarthSong One-Day Workshops are designed to accomplish all of these goals in some of western North Carolina’s most beautiful places – the Great Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah National Forest, and Nantahala National Forest.

Join us on a short adventure that’s sure to stimulate your mind, excite your senses, and light your creative fire.