EarthSong Photography Workshops:

What We Do and Why We Do It

    *We teach creativity and photographic “seeing.”
    *We love the natural world.

Nature photography, as with any creative endeavor, is a blending of art and craft; and one does not suffice without the presence of the other. It is this merging of art and craft that is the very essence of creativity; and when the craft becomes second nature, artistic expression can flourish.

EarthSong Photography Workshops are designed and structured so that art and craft are explored in such measure that the heart finds the freedom to achieve its complete expression; for we believe an open heart is the key to open eyes and that it is with the heart that we most clearly see the world of images that lies all around us.

In my twenty-three years as a professional nature photographer I have come to believe that people choose to have a nature photography workshop experience for two primary reasons:

    *They want to get to know the beautiful places of our world in an up-close and personal way; that is, they recognize their love for nature and they want to be in Nature’s beauty; and
    *They want to learn to express the fullest extent of their creative passions through the medium of nature photography with the help and guidance of dedicated and caring teachers.

Our goal at EarthSong Photography Workshops is to share our love of Nature with each of our participants by giving them the opportunity to experience some of America’s most beautiful natural places. But more than merely sharing nature, it is our purpose to offer every participant every opportunity to explore their imagery at the deepest core of their creative selves – as artists and as individuals – and to foster the skills that will make more meaningful the exploration undertaken.

If you are looking for a heart-centered photographic experience of Nature’s beauty that brings together both art and craft, we invite you to join us.