"I'm not even sure where to begin to express my gratitude for what I experienced last week. I guess I expected a class more on the workings/techniques of photography. What I received was a life changing view of our earth and how we as photographers can share that view with others. Your knowledge and love for these mountains, trees, plants and flowers is second to none. I always thought of myself as a nature lover but you probably forgot more then I'll never know.

You are truly blessed with the gift of teaching and reaching not only the minds of your students but most importantly their "hearts", and for that I thank you from the bottom of mine."

Brad H
Murphy, North Carolina


If you catch a fish for someone, they can feed themselves for a day. If you teach them how to fish,Earth Song Photography they can feed themselves for a lifetime. An adage as old as language: but no less true today than ever before.

An effective coach aids his students in acquiring the photographic skills they can then apply for themselves for a lifetime of creative image-making and enjoyment. A caring coach asks of his students to plumb the depths of their creative beings to find inside SueTotte the passion that will encourage them to always seek to apply their fullest abilities, not only to their photographic endeavors, but to every step of the journey, as well.

It is my belief that knowledge and caring are the cornerstones on which quality coaching is based and it is my steadfast purpose to offer this approach to coaching to every student wEarth Song Photographyith whom I work.

Coaching consists of half-day or full-day increments, primarily, but not exclusively, in the field. In each instance thoughtful instruction is combined with beautiful locations to encourage every student to reach the highest level of their capability.

Half-day sessions are $300, and full-day sessions are $595, plus expenses. All sessions are one-on-one unless two students arrange to do a joint session in tandem. The tandem fee for a half-day is $240/person and for a full-day, $475/person.

Typically a half-day session is 6-8 hours in the field and a full-day session is 12-14 hours. We travel in a single vehicle to locations chosen with consideration given to light and time of year, so that there is maximum opportunity for personal interaction and creative work. If desired, critique sessions can be arranged in the afternoon of a half-day session or, on the following day of a full-day session. Critique sessions are $40/hour, with no limit on the number of images that may be critiqued during the session, other than time. Students opting for the critique session feature should bring their laptops, card readers, and a small flash drive with them to the session.

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