"I'm not even sure where to begin to express my gratitude for what I experienced last week. I guess I expected a class more on the workings/techniques of photography. What I received was a life changing view of our earth and how we as photographers can share that view with others. Your knowledge and love for these mountains, trees, plants and flowers is second to none. I always thought of myself as a nature lover but you probably forgot more then I'll never know.

You are truly blessed with the gift of teaching and reaching not only the minds of your students but most importantly their "hearts", and for that I thank you from the bottom of mine."

Brad H
Murphy, North Carolina

Instruction & Art

Earth Song PhotographyI was told that the vocation of a nature photographer required the wearing of many hats. It was true then, and has become even more so. The coming of the digital revolution has changed the photographic industry irrevocably and in ways that continue to evolve at an almost breath-taking pace. The sage advice that encouraged me to Earth Song Photographydiversify what I offer has served me very well. It has also incited me to continue to grow as new opportunities have arisen and to watch for those opportunities as they come into existence.

Long ago I discovered that I truly enjoy sharing my passion for Earth Song Photographycreating images particularly in ways that involve teaching and giving instructional advice, as well as in offering my images for artistic and educational purposes. The activities described on these pages are designed to highlight the instructive and artistic parts of EarthSong that are outside the workshop formats, which are the primary components of what I do.

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