Saturday, 23 June 2018 13:57

The Lupine of Duck Cove

If Mount Desert Island is a catcher's mitt with the fingers pointed southward, then Duck Cove would be the small indentation between the index and middle fingers. While scouting with my dear friend, John DiGiacomo, the Acadia Adventure just concluded, we happened upon this lovely lupine field looking casually out over the cove toward the more open waters of Blue Hill Bay. It was a scene I have carried in my mind's eye for all the years I have photographed in this amazing landscape.

A focal length of 55mm, very normal, provided the angle of view I wanted. An aperture of f/20 provided depth-of-field, and a shutter speed of 1/25th second at ISO 400 allowed me to still the slight motion in the blossoms caused by the late-afternoon island breeze.

There are many ways to think about pre-visualization, and it is always a delight to happen upon an image that you have held in you mind's-eye for so long, and thus gain the opportunity to turn that vision into creative reality.

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