Saturday, 04 April 2020 13:10

An Eye of Reflection

It's been several years since I've been to Acadia National Park for the fall color, although there was a time when I went nearly every year. Traveling between the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Mount Desert Island in order to maximize the color in both wonderful locations was always a mad dash; and I finally gave up autumn on MDI in favor of spring. It is my hope to be able to to return to Acadia this October and to share the beauty of an Acadian fall with a great group of adventurers. One of my favorite locations for color in Acadia is New Mills Meadow Marsh, a wonderfully diverse land of beaver lodges and ponds, grasses, and hardwoods, and the headwaters of Duck Brook. It is not the rocky, rugged headlands of the coast, but the softer, more subtle tones of deep reflection in still, tannin-laced water.

A focal length of 300mm from about 50 yards away gave me the angle-of-view I wanted, a narrow slit of pond-reflected color surrounded by brown autumn grasses and the grayer shades of woody blueberry stems. An aperture of f/22 provided depth-of-field across the narrow scene; and a shutter speed of 4.0 seconds at ISO 100 in dead-calm air gave me an overall very-slightly-darker-than-medium exposure.

May you and yours continue to fare safely and well as we negotiate these trying and difficult days ahead. 

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