Tuesday, 28 August 2018 19:46

Jewelweed Forever

Sometimes images simply leap in front of you as you pass them by. It happened along Newfound Gap Road just the other day as I was in the Park scouting for our upcoming Arrowmont adventure which began on Thursday and concludes today. Looking up the mountain I saw a sea of green rolling waves of pale jewelweed (Impatiens pallida) coming toward me, and the only thing to do to escape was stop and play with it. The anchoring boulder was a gift of the Smokies.

A focal length of 40mm, fairly normal, gave me the angle-of-view I wanted. An aperture of f/20 provided depth-of-field, and a shutter speed of 1.3 seconds at ISO 100 gave me an overall medium exposure.

The jewellweed bloom in the Southern Appalachians this year is the most profuse I can remember in 25 years; perhaps it coincides with the profundity of 2018's poison ivy crop.

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  • Comment Link Donald McGowan Friday, 07 September 2018 10:32 posted by Donald McGowan

    Good morning All. Thanks very much for joining me for this conversation. During the 6+ years that I have offered up a weekly Image for your consideration, I have learned, hopefully, never to anticipate the response that might be forthcoming and to let it simply be whatever it is, and to acknowledge it in that way. The art we strive to create is, in the end, done mostly for ourselves, but it's always interesting to see what comes back.
    Hey Joel. Bonnie and I thought about you during our time at Arrowmont this past weekend. We even had as a participant one of your classmates, Hadley Manings, who asked us to tell you 'hello." I can very much relate to the feeling of rolling around in waves of jewelweed. This year that vision seems to be more profound that in any I can remember; it looks very much like an ocean, poison ivy or no. Thanks for your wonderful comment.
    Hi Robert. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for suggesting the components of this composition that are working for you. Of the many ways this location might have been expressed, this expression seemed to work most effectively for what I wished to say. Walk in Beauty, my friend.
    Hi Nancy T. Thank you for being with us. I love your story of the relationships at work in this Image. I kept trying to say what was going on between the boulder and the jewelweed, but you have described it exactly: the boulder is like a happy monarch surveying its domain and being quite satisfied with what it sees. I hope we get to share an adventure with you before too long.
    Thanks, again, Everyone. Your observation and comments always help me to appreciate more deeply to world around me.

  • Comment Link Nancy Tripp Thursday, 06 September 2018 13:54 posted by Nancy Tripp

    Awesome! You did the right thjing by stopping, capturing, and sharing. I love the composition that makes the jewelweed the star and the rock in the center the co-star. The other trees are supporting actors and in their right places. The rock looks happy looking over his/her kingdom, smiling, and thinking the world is perfect. Thanks for sharing the joy.

  • Comment Link Bob Monday, 03 September 2018 09:09 posted by Bob

    Love the treatment: Horizion tree line, et al. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Comment Link Joel Price Sunday, 02 September 2018 14:25 posted by Joel Price

    One almost wants to roll in the green waves. But that would crush the jewelweed, and besides, there might be poison ivy among them.

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