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The Forest and the Ferns

In the Year 1603 Pierre du Gua, Sieur de Monts, Lieutenant Governor of New France, was commissioned by King Henry IV "to establish the name, power, and authority of the King of France; to summon the natives to a knowledge of the Christian religion; to people, cultivate, and settle the said lands; to make explorations and especially to seek out mines of precious metals" in the territory between the 40th and 46th parallels, which would extend from present day Philadelphia to Montreal, including the present day coast of Maine. It is in honor of Sieur de Monts efforts in the New World, led by the great explorer, Samuel de Champlain, that the first superintendent of Acadia, George Dorr, named the nearby spring Sieur de Monts. It is considered the symbolic birthplace of Acadia National Park. It is also a place to find beautiful forests of hardwoods filled with amazing species of ferns that carpet the understory in spring.

A focal length of 35mm, the upper range of wide-angleland, gave me the angle-of-view I wanted. An aperture of f/16 provided depth-of-field, and a shutter speed of 1.0 second, and patience to wait for a slight breeze to still, at ISO 100 gave me an overall medium exposure.

Bonnie and I have come to love the beauty of Acadia and the warmth of its people as a home-away-from-home and a wonderland to be cherished always. 

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  • Comment Link Donald McGowan Saturday, 23 June 2018 16:31 posted by Donald McGowan

    This year's edition of the Acadia/Mount Desert Island adventure was nothing short of wonderful. There was but a single day in which the temperatures approached anything other than pleasant, and the only downside to any of the weather were the days when there was no cloud cover at all and contrast became something of a challenge. Even then, we were able to live by the understanding of creating with what nature makes available - and knowing there is always something available.
    I am grateful to Nancy T. and Micki for joining me for this conservation. It is delightful to have you both with me.
    Nancy T., I thought of you often during this past week, especially when we were visiting the wonderment that is Ship Harbor. The bunchberries were at peak and the reflections in the harbor's water were amazing. I'm sad to hear that your weather in West Tennessee bore such discomfort. I felt exactly as you described about the ferns of Sieur de Monts. There were places where they seemed to go on forever, and that is exactly the impression I wanted to convey. We had a great time and wished you could have been with us. In spirit, you were. Walk in Beauty (and in cooler weather).
    Micki, it's always a joy when you are with us. I so appreciate your kind words and thoughtful comments. When I saw this scene, I thought it described exactly what I have long felt about the beauty of Sieur de Monts. It represents, in my mind, some of the best of the biology that Acadia has to offer. As wonderful as are the rocks of MDI, the wetlands are every bit as wonderful. They speak constantly to the amazing diversity that is life on this "Sloping Land." I am grateful to your guiding us to this truth.
    Pemetic is a magical place on the Earth's surface made more so by the wonder of its flora, adapted for a high-latitude coastal environment and all of the creative joy that accompanies it.

  • Comment Link Micki Cabaniss Monday, 18 June 2018 13:58 posted by Micki Cabaniss

    I would recognize your beautiful work anytime. The detail of the ferns in the foreground is a point for meditation in itself. And then there is the detail of the finery of the trees in the background . . . and all the rest. Micki

  • Comment Link Nancy Tripp Sunday, 17 June 2018 13:44 posted by Nancy Tripp

    Thanks for the refreshing image. We have a heat index of 102 right now and no breeze. I remember Maine in June, it is a wonderland and photographer’s dream. I love how you captured the ferns so they seem to go on to infinity. They look Spring green and anxious to make their world a better place. I hope you guys are having a wonderful time this week and you find many more special places to share.

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